Newsletters and other documents are periodically published and distributed as a way to keep all residents aware of what is happening around the community.


Newsletter 19 2019 Jul

Cape Schanck Lighthouse 160 year celebrations, Background to FOCS, Rural Living Rate, Post Office parcel deliveries to Cape Schanck, Renewable Energy, A second bus shelter, Community Reserve/playspace, Residents experiencing NBN outages, 2019 Annual General Meeting of FOCS, Neighbour Day 2019 report, Federal Gov’t provides $75m for upgrades, Cape Schanck Community meeting at Boneo organised by Cr David Gill

July 19, 2019Newslettersnewsletters2019 bus-shelter cape-schanck-community-meeting cape-schanck-lighthouse community-block nbn-outages post-office-parcel-deliveries-to-cape-schanck rural-living-rate
Newsletter 18 2019 Mar

FOCS Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Tapas (drinks and nibbles), Members‘ only event, Neighbour day and Snake catcher, Post Office Parcel delivery to Cape Schanck, green energy, Ongoing discussions with RACV local management re use of facilities, Community Reserve

March 11, 2019Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2019 community-facility green-energy neighbour-day post-office racv tapas
Newsletter 17 2018 Dec

AGM, Neighbourhood Social Evening, Use of RACV facilities, Community Reserve update, Traffic congestion management, Fund rising, Boneo Fire Brigade, Gas, Green Energy, Doggy Pick Up Bag

January 19, 2019Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2018 agm community-facility fund-raising gas green-energy racv-development roads
Newsletter 16 2018 Oct

AGM, TAPAS, fund-rising, Community Reserve update, Roads congestion management, RACV, Gas, Green energy project, Boneo Fire brigade.

October 11, 2018Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2018 gas green-energy neighbour-day racv-development roads tapas
Newsletter 15 2018 Mar

Fundraising, Bunnings sausage sizzle, Neighbour day, RACV facilities, trivia night, Community Reserve update, Tapas, MPS budget, Things you haven’t heard about FOCS members (Robyn eye nurse in Papua New Guinea), The FOCS Value Proposition

March 11, 2018Community, Membership, Newsletterscommunity membership newsletters2018 community-facility fund-raising mps-budget tapas
Newsletter 14 2017 Dec

FOCS AGM and election of committee, Halloween, Sausage sizzle at BUNNINGS, Listening to the Land (Spring): Bushranger’s Bay, Community Reserve Progress, Dumping of Rubbish, Red Hill Ward meeting, Access to RACV Facilities, NBN, The FOCS Value Proposition

December 14, 2017Newslettersnewsletters2017 agm bushrangers-bay halloween nbn racv red-hill-ward-meeting sausage-sizzle
Newsletter 13 2017 Jul

Mornington Peninsula Shire commits $110,000 for our community, budget, Big Idea 2017 results, Green Energy, Neighbour day, Gas.

July 11, 20172018 Your Big Idea, Community, Newsletters2018-your-big-idea community newsletters2017 gas green-energy mps-budget neighbour-day
Newsletter 12 2017 Mar

“Your Big Idea 2017” survey, Neighbour Day, Tapas, Members Only cocktail party, Meeting with David Gill, Green energy, Community Block Proposal for Cape Schanck, NBN, Gas, Bus shelter

March 11, 20172018 Your Big Idea, Community, Newsletters2018-your-big-idea community newsletters2017 bus-shelter community-facility gas green-energy neighbour-day new-councillor tapas your-big-idea
Newsletter 11 2016 Dec

AGM, Tapas, Membership officer, Gas, RACV meetings, Bus shelter, Community block proposal

December 11, 2016Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2016 agm bus-shelter community-facility gas racv-development
Newsletter 10 2016 Sep

FOCS AGM & BBQ, Tapas, Gas, Bus Shelter news, New Energy Job funds, Council elections, Noise about RACV redevelopment, Community block and Neighbour Day

September 10, 2016Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2016 agm bus-shelter community-block election gas green-energy green-waste neighbour-day racv-development tapas
Newsletter 09 2016 Feb

Newsletter with subjects of AGM, Neighbour day,Tapas, Green Bin, Community block, RACV development, Potential for gas reticulation, MPS budget formulation, Red Hill Ward meetings, Boneo Road Consultation Group and whats on horizon

February 8, 2016Community, Newsletters, VicRoadscommunity newsletters vicroads2016 agm community-facility gas green-waste mps-budget neighbour-day racv-development roads
Newsletter 08 2015 Nov

RACV, TAPAS, Green Waste, AGM, Community block

November 11, 2015Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2015 agm community-facility green-waste racv-development tapas
Newsletter 07 2015 Aug

RACV development, Greg Hunt’s 500km Walk, Barragunda, Council owned block, Green waste, Boneo road, MPS Budget

August 10, 2015Newslettersnewsletters2015 baragunda community-facility green-waste racv-development roads
Newsletter 06 2015 Feb

Tapas, Neighbour day, RACV development, Budget,

February 10, 2015Community, Newsletterscommunity newsletters2015 racv-development tapas
Newsletter 04 2014 Aug

Red Hill Ward by-election, VicRoads, Green Waste, Tapas, MPS budget, RACV discussions, Red Hill-Flinders Road and Shands Road Intersection. Southern Peninsula News

August 30, 2014Newslettersnewsletters2014 election green-waste mps-budget new-councillor racv
Newsletter 03 2014 May

Big Idea, Budget Submission, Facebook and webpage, Tapas, Neighbour day, Boneo road, RACV development

May 10, 2014Newslettersnewsletters2014 community-bbq racv roads tapas your-big-idea
Newsletter 02 2014 Jan

January 11, 2014
Newsletter 01 2013 Nov

AGM, Tapas, Community BBQ, Boneo Road, Meet Our Councillor, Fire plan, Bike paths, Sunday walks, Reaching out

November 30, 2013Newslettersnewsletters2013 agm bike-path bush-fire community-bbq new-councillor roads