Cape Schanck – Community Consultation Placemaking 2018-2019 report

The report provides a summary of the feedback gleaned from the community meeting was held on Friday 29 March Community at the Boneo Community Hall and email submissions. It gives an indication of how this information will be used to inform the direction of future projects.

Key Issues:  

1. Community reserve and playground 

a. Short term or interim solution to provide a local gathering place, to be implemented as soon as possible 

b. Long term solution to provide a suitable local playspace and community place 

2. Trails and Pathways  for walking and cycling

a. Shorter term or interim solution to provide informal local walking and cycling trails 

b. Longer term solution to provide formalised pathways for walking and cycling 

c. Longer term Roadside Trails for equestrian and mountain bike riders. 

Other issues :

3. Maintaining Cape Schanck’s Coastal Rural and Neighbourhood Character 

4. Road traffic and speed limits 

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