Friends of Cape Schanck (FOCS) is a not-for-profit, incorporated, community group.   We formed in 2011 in response to a proposed development at Cape Schanck’s Barrugunda Estate.  Although founded by residents of Cape Schanck, its membership is now more widespread.


We aim to:

 (Statement of Purpose)

  • provide a forum for community engagement and action in relation to the protection of Cape Schanck's unique, natural environment;
  • ensure that development proposals for the Cape Schanck environs are appropriate, comply with all relevant planning zones and overlays (namely, the requirements of Green Wedge zone), and do not adversely impact on the natural environment or residential amenity;
  • facilitate social, recreational and educational activities for residents of Cape Schanck.



FOCS Committee Members 2015-2016:

President:        Barrie Rimmer.

Vice President: Irene Wylde

Secretary:         Phil Mottolini.

Treasurer:         Robyn Johnston.

Membership Development Officer: Chris England


Mal Kalinowski

Ian Renwick

Debbie Withers

Jo-ann Currie

Mike Hathaway